2004 December UGC NET Solved Paper-2 in LIS, Page-1

1. National Library Week in India is being celebrated annually since:
(A) 1914
(B) 1933
(C) 1950
(D) 1968
Answer: (D)

2. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the then Union Education Minister formally declared one of the following libraries open to the public on 2nd February, 1953:
(A) Connemara Public Library
(B) Delhi Public Library
(C) National Library, Calcutta
(D) Saraswathi Mahal Library, Tanjore
Answer: (C)

3. Library Literature is a:
(A) Primary source of information
(B) Secondary source of information
(C) Tertiary source of information
(D) Literary source of information
Answer: (C)

4. The frequency of Data India is:
(A) Weekly
(B) Fortnightly
(C) Monthly
(D) Bi-monthly
Answer: (A)

5. Berne Convention is concerned with:
(A) Translations
(B) Copyright
(C) Patents
(D) Standards
Answer: (B)

6. The Indian state which enacted library legislation in the year 1948 is:
(A) Kerala
(B) Meghalaya
(C) Tamil Nadu (Madras)
(D) Rajasthan
Answer: (C)

7. The concept of Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) was enunciated by
(A) Derek Austin
(B) D.J. Foskett
(C) H.P. Luhn
(D) B.C. Vickery
Answer: (C)

8. Current Awareness Bulletin is:
(A) Primary Source
(B) Annual Report
(C) Trend Report
(D)Information Product
Answer: (C)

9. In 1966, the MARC as a pilot project was launched by:
(B) American Library Association
(C) Library of Congress
(D) The British Library
Answer: (C)

10. SAARC documentation centre was established in
(A) 1975
(B) 1979
(C) 1982
(D) 1994
Answer: (D)

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