2005 June UGC NET Solved Paper-2 in LIS, Page-1

1. The fundamental equation of Information Science has been put forward by:
(A) Michael Buckland
(B) Robert Brooks
(C) Marc Porat
(D) Wersig Gernot
Answer: (B)

2. Source, Message, Transmitter and receiver are the components of communication model developed by:
(A) Shannon - Weaver
(B) Schramm
(C) Lasswell
(D) George Gerbner
Answer: (A)

3. Who said that Knowledge is of two kinds? We know a subject ourselves or we know
where we can find information about it?
(A) S.R. Ranganathan
(B) W.C.Berwick Sayers
(C) Samuel Johnson
(D) H.E.Bliss
Answer: (C)

4. The acronym for Association for Information Management is :
Answer: (C)

5. Census Atlas National Volume is an example of _________ Atlas :
(A) Local
(B) Historical
(C) Demographic
(D) Anthropological
Answer: (C)

6. COMPENDEX is the on-line Database on the subject :
(A) Physics
(B) Commerce and Export
(C) Analytical Chemistry
(D) Engineering
Answer: (D)

7. Routing of periodicals is :
(C) Indexing Service
(D) Abstracting Service
Answer: (A)

8. The subject “Research Methodology” has been formed by which of the following modes?
(A) Fusion
(B) Distillation
(C) Fission
(D) Loose Assemblage
Answer: (B)

9. Boolean Logic was propounded by :
(A) B.C.Wickery
(B) S.C.Bradford
(C) J. Buckland
(D) George Boole
Answer: (D)

10. “IMCE” Stands for :
(A) International Meeting of Cataloguing Experts
(B) International Meeting of Computer Experts
(C) International Meeting of Communication Experts
(D) International Meeting of Classification Experts
Answer: (A)

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