2008 December UGC NET Solved Paper-2 in LIS, Page-1

1. Who is the Chairman of National Knowledge Commission?
(A) Harsha Parekh
(B) P. B. Mangla
(C) Kalpana Dasgupta
(D)Sam Pitroda
Answer: (D)

2. Which is the primary source for finding out Indian periodicals in Agriculture?
(A) Ulrich International Periodical Directory
(B) Reference Asia
(C) Press in India
(D) INFA Yearbook
Answer: (A)

3. Which of the following indexes only paper presented in the conferences?
(B) Current Research Abstracts
(C) Research-in-Progress
 Answer: (D)

4. Appropriate communication media for CD-Net is:
(A) Twisted wires
(B) Optical fibre
(C) Co-axial cables
(D) Ethernet cables
Answer: (B)

5. IATLIS is an association of:
(A) Library Science Faculty
(B) Special Librarians
(C) Librarians of Public Libraries
(D) Librarians of Teachers’ Training Colleges
Answer: (A)

6. Identify the association that has changed its original name:
(C) LA
Answer: (C)

7. Recall and Precision ratios are used in the evaluation of:
(A) Reference service
(B) Information retrieval
(C) Bibliographic service
(D) Document delivery service
Answer: (B)

8. Number of digits in ISBN now are:
(A) 10 digits
(B) 11 digits
(C) 12 digits
(D) 13 digits
Answer: (D)

9. ‘Emerald’ is the database of:
(A) Gems and Jewelary literature
(B) Material Science literature
(C) Library and Information Science literature
(D) Earth Science literature
Answer: (C)

10. TQM was promulgamated by:
(A) Deming and Juran
(B) Maslow
(C) Drucker
(D) Taylor
Answer: (A)

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