2012 December UGC NET Solved Paper-3 in LIS, Page-1

1. Who categorized the user studies into the following three categories?
(i) Behaviour Studies.
(ii) Use studies.
(iii) Information flow studies.
(A) Maurice B Line
(B) Menzel
(C) Cronin
(D) Voigt
Answer: (B)

2. Which one of the following is not a virtual library?
(A) Without walls.
(B) With distributed physical locations.
(C) Providing integrated and unified remote access to geographically distributed collections.
(D) Which does not exist in reality.
Answer: (B)

3. In 1974, Zurkowski used for the first time, which of the following term?
(A) Digital Literacy
(B) Media Literacy
(C) Computer Literacy
(D) Information Literacy
Answer: (D)

4. Who defined “to be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information.”?
Answer: (B)

5. Which of the factor is not helping in limiting the external validity?
(A) Reactive effect
(B) Ecological validity
(C) Interaction between selection bias of experimental variables
(D) Ecological effect
Answer: (D)

6. Semantic differential scale is concerned with
(A) Pool of items
(B) Selection from two opposite positions
(C) Five point scale
(D) Selection from a check list
Answer: (B)

7. In spiral of scientific method, the span of Zenith to descendent is
(A) Empirical phase
(B) Hypothesizing phase
(C) Deductive phase
(D) Verification phase
Answer: (C)

8. Which of the following variable cannot be expressed in quantitative terms?
(A) Socio-Economic status
(B) Marital status
(C) Numerical Aptitude
(D) Professional Attitude
Answer: (D)

9. National Knowledge Network is to be implemented by
(A) National Knowledge Commission
(B) Information and Library Network
(C) National Information Centre
(D) Department of Information Technology
Answer: (C)

10. Metadata Dublin core refers to
(A) Data elements in database
(B) Bibliographic elements in database
(C) Field elements in database
(D) Subject elements in database
Answer: (A)

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