2013 June UGC NET Solved Paper-2 in LIS, Page-1

1. The distinct characteristic(s) of digital objects are
(A) Physical Medium
(B) Logical process
(C) Conceptual recognition and transaction
(D) All the above
Answer: (D)

2. ‘Who’s who in India’, an irregular publication is published by
(A) Business Press, Bombay
(B) Sterling, New Delhi
(C) Tradesman & Men Asia, Delhi
(D) Sahitya Samsad, Calcutta
Answer: (A)

3. Which department of the Government of India deals with Public Libraries?
(A) Department of Archaeology
(B) Department of Culture
(C) Department of Primary Education
(D) Department of Science and Technology
Answer: (B)

4. Information on Prime Minister of Bangladesh can be found in
(A) International Who’s Who
(B) Who’s Who in Bangladesh
(C) Current Biography
(D) Statesman’s Yearbook
Answer: (D)

5. ‘Eradication of Malaria in India 190-1999’ – a report can be categorized under
(A) Trend Report
(B) Review Report
(C) State of the Art Report
(D) Research Report
Answer: (A)

6. Which is not a reprographic service?
(A) Micro Copying
(B) Blue Printing
(C) Paper Printing
(D) Thermo Copying
Answer: (C)

7. ERIC is sponsored by
(A) US National Health Institute
(B) Health and Rehabilitation Services Division, A LA
(C) Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education
(D) Health Science Information Centre, USA
Answer: (C)

8. In the library hierarchy which level of management is responsible for execution of policies?
(A) Middle level
(B) Operational level
(C) Top level
(D) Lower level
Answer: (A)

9. METS stands for
(A) Machine Encoded Transmission System
(B) Metadata Encoded for Textual Sources
(C) Machine Encoded Textual Standard
(D) Metadata Encoding Transmission Standard
Answer: (D)

10. Sector Device is an extension of
(A) Gap Device
(B) Empty Device
(C) Octave Device
(D) Group Notation Device
Answer: (C)

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