2015 June UGC NET Solved Paper-3 in LIS, Page-1

1. The protection of copyright in the care of films, photographs, anonymous, pseudonymous publications and works of governments, the 60 year period is counted from:
(A) The date of birth of creator
(B) Year following the death of creator
(C) The date of publication
(D) As per statement of author
Answer: (C)

2. International Standard Music Number (ISMN) for print music is promoted, coordinated and supervised by:
(A) International Agency for ISMN, London
(B) International Standards Agency for Music, Sydney
(C) Standards Agency for Music International, Paris
(D) The International ISMN Agency, Berlin
Answer: (D)

3. In which year the WIPO Copyright Treaty was adopted?
(A) 1995
(B) 1996
(C) 1997
(D) 1998
Answer: (B)

4. Which one of the following data bases has not originated from USA?
(C) Chemical Abstracts
Answer: (D)

5. The knowledge to which we have valid, conscious, introspective access under all circumstances is called:
(A) Explicit knowledge
(B) Semi Tacit knowledge
(C) Tacit Knowledge
(D) Predictive knowledge
Answer: (A)

6. Working Papers’ fall under the category of:
(A) Books
(B) Monographs
(C) News papers
(D) Grey Literature
Answer: (D)

7. Who developed the theory of Information Supply and Indexing based on five axioms (doctorines) such as – definability; order; sufficient degree of order; predictability; and Fidelity?
(A) Rubert Fugmann
(B) William Cooper
(C) E. Garfield
(D) Calvin Moores
Answer: (A)

8. Which of the viceroys was associated with the imperial library Act.
(A) Lord Curzon
(B) Lord Minto
(C) Lord Willington
(D) Lord Vipin
Answer: (A)

9. Identify the full of the acronym FAIFE (IFLA)
(A) Full-text Access to Information for Free Expression
(B) Full- text Access to Internet for Free E-resources
(C) Free Archives on Internet for Free Expression
(D) Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression
Answer: (D)

10. Boolean Logic was propounded by:
(A) P.K. Boole
(B) G.R. Boole
(C) K.S. Boole
(D) George Boole
Answer: (D)

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