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2016 December UGC NET Paper-1, Page-1

The 2016 December UGC NET Exam Question Paper-1, Test Booklet Code X is given below along with answer keys. The UGC NET Examination December 2016 was held on 22nd January, 2017 and conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The Paper-I of UGC NET Examination conducted by CBSE is of General nature i.e. Compulsory for all subjects. The Subject Code in the UGC NET for this paper is: 00. The solved paper for other Sets i.e. W, Y and Z are not given as the questions are same with that of series X, only they are placed in different order in the question paper.

1. When verbal and non-verbal messages are contradictory, it is said that most people believe in
(1) Indeterminate messages
(2) Verbal messages
(3) Non-verbal messages
(4) Aggressive messages
Answer: (3)

2. The typical feature of an information-rich classroom lecture is in the nature of being
(1) Sedentary
(2) Staggered
(3) Factual
(4) Sectoral
Answer: (3)

3. Expressive communication is driven by
(1) Passive aggression
(2) Encoder's personality characteristics
(3) External clues
(4) Encoder-decoder contract
Answer: (2)

4. Positive classroom communication leads to
(1) Coercion
(3) Confrontation
(2) Submission
(4) Persuasion
Answer: (4)

5. Classroom communication is the basis of
(1) Social identity
(2) External inanities
(3) Biased passivity
(4) Group aggression
Answer: (1)

6. Effective communication pre-supposes
(1) Non-alignment
(2) Domination
(3) Passivity
(4) Understanding
Answer: (4)

7. The next term in the following series YEB, WFD, UHG, SKI, ? will be
(1) TLO
(2) QOL
(3) QLO
(4) GQP
Answer: (2)

8. If A is coded as C, M as I, N as P, S as 0, I as A, P as N, E as M, 0 as E and C as S, then the code of COMPANIES will be
Answer: (4)

9. Among the following, identify the continuous type of data:
(1) Number of languages a person speaks
(2) Number of children in a household
(3) Population of cities
(4) Weight of students in a class
Answer: (4)

10. Ali buys a glass, a pencil box and a cup and pays Rs. 21 to the shopkeeper. Rakesh buys a cup, two pencil boxes and a glass and pays Rs. 28 to the shopkeeper. Preeti buys two glasses, a cup and two pencil boxes and pays Rs. 35 to the shopkeeper. The cost of 10 cups will be
(1) Rs.40
(2) Rs.60
(3) Rs.80
(4) Rs.70

Answer: (4)

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