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Ascending-Descending Questions

In the Ascending-Descending type of questions in the UGC NET / CBSE NET Examination, some clues are given regarding the order of occurrence of certain events. The candidate is required to analyse the given information, frame the right sequence and then answer the questions accordingly. In the ascending-descending questions the students require to use skill of sequencing (increasing or decreasing) in order to form an answer. These types of questions are also known as sequencing question or chronological question. Ascending means smallest number (first) to the largest number (last) or from earlier year or date to the recent year or date and descending means larger number (first) to smaller (last) or from recent years or date to earlier years or date. Again, when information is organized by the time in which each event occurred, it is called as chronological.

The ascending-descending questions are asked to test whether the students know the growth and development (history) of a concept or not. It tests the student’s ability to organize or link the concept, knowledge of sequences, order of events, level of gradation, etc.

Now that you know about the UGC NET ascending-descending type of questions try the following mock test. The questions mentioned below in the form of quiz are derived from the UGC NET / CBSE NET Previous Years Question Papers of Library and Information Science.
Ascending-Descending Questions: Series-1
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