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2007 December UGC NET Paper-1, Page-5

41. Deforestation during the recent decades has led to:
(A) Soil erosion
(B) Landslides
(C) Loss of bio-diversity
(D) All the above
Answer: (D)

42. Which one of the following natural hazards is responsible for causing highest human disaster?
(A) Earthquakes
(B) Snow-storms    
(C) Volcanic eruptions
(D) Tsunami
Answer: (D)

43. Which one of the following is appropriate for natural hazard mitigation?
(A) International AID
(B) Timely Warning System
(C) Rehabilitation
(D) Community Participation
Answer: (B)

44. Slums in metro-city are the result of:
(A) Rural to urban migration
(B) Poverty of the city-scape
(C) Lack of urban infrastructure
(D) Urban-governance
Answer: (A)

45. The great Indian Bustard bird is found in:
(A) Thar Desert of India
(B) Coastal regions of India
(C) Temperate Forests in the Himalaya
(D) Tarai zones of the Himalayan Foot
Answer: (A)

46. The first Indian Satellite for serving the educational sector is known as:
Answer: (C)

47. Exclusive educational channel of IGNOU is known as:
(A) GyanDarshan
(B) Cyan Vani
(C) DoorDarshan
(D) Prasar Bharati
Answer: (A)

48. The head quarter of Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya is situated in:
(A) Sevagram
(B) New Delhi
(C) Wardha
(D) Ahmedabad
Answer: (C)

49. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer using the codes given below:
List-I (Institutes)
List-II (Locations)
(a) Central Institute of English
(i) Chitrakoot and Foreign Languages
(b) Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya
(ii) Hyderabad
(c) Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies
(iii) New Delhi
(iv) Dharmasala

Answer: (A)

50. The aim of vocationalization of education is:
(A) Preparing students for a vocation along with knowledge
(B) Converting liberal education into vocational education
(C) Giving more importance to vocational than general education
(D) Making liberal education job-oriented
Answer: (D)
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