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2008 December UGC NET Paper-1, Page-4

Study the following Venn diagram and answer questions nos. 31 to 33.
Three circles representing GRADUATES, CLERKS and GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES are intersecting. The intersections are marked A, B, C, e, f, g and h. Which part best represents the statements in questions 31 to 33?

31. Some Graduates are Government employees but not as Clerks.
(A) h
(B) g
(C) f
(D) e
Answer: (C)

32. Clerks who are graduates as well as government employees:
(A) e
(B) f
(C) g
(D) h
Answer: (D)

33. Some graduates are Clerks but not Government employees.
(A) f
(B) g
(C) h
(D) e
Answer: (D)

Study the following graph and answer questions numbered from 34 to 35:

34. Which of the firms got maximum profit growth rate in the year 2006?
(A) ab
(B) ce
(C) cd
(D) ef
Answer: (B)

35. Which of the firms got maximum profit growth rate in the year 2007?
(A) bdf
(B) acf
(C) bed
(D) ace
Answer: (A)

36. The accounting software 'Tally' was developed by:
(C) Infosys
(D) Wipro
Answer: (B)

37. Errors in computer programmes are called:
(A) Follies
(B) Mistakes
(C) Bugs
(D) Spam
Answer: (C)

38. HTML is basically used to design:
(A) Web-page
(B) Web-site
(C) Graphics
(D) Tables and Frames
Answer: (A)

39. 'Micro Processing'is made for:
(A) Computer
(B) Digital System
(C) Calculator
(D)  Electronic Goods
Answer: (B)

40. Information, a combination of graphics, text, sound, video and animation is called:
(A) Multiprogramme
(B) Multifacet
(C) Multimedia
(D) Multiprocess
Answer: (C)
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