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2012 December UGC NET Paper-1, Page-3

21. Which of the following activities remains almost stagnant in terms of share of expenditures?
(A) North-eastern areas
(B) Welfare to SC/ST & OBC
(C) Information & broadcasting
(D) Social welfare and nutrition
Answer: (C)

22. Which of the following item’s expenditure share is almost equal to the remaining three items in the given years?
(A) Information & broadcasting
(B) Welfare to SC/ST and OBC
(C) Labour and employment
(D) Social welfare & nutrition
Answer: (D)

23. Which of the following items of social services has registered the highest rate of increase in expenditures during 2007-08 to 2010-11?
(A) Education, sports & youth affairs
(B) Welfare to SC/ST & OBC
(C) Social welfare & nutrition
(D) Overall social services
Answer: (B)

24. Which of the following items has registered the highest rate of decline in terms of expenditure during 2007-08 to 2009-10?
(A) Labour and employment
(B) Health & family welfare
(C) Social welfare & nutrition
(D) Education, sports & youth affairs
Answer: (A)

25. ALU stands for
(A) American Logic Unit
(B) Alternate Local Unit
(C) Alternating Logic Unit
(D) Arithmetic Logic Unit
Answer: (D)

26. A Personal Computer uses a number of chips mounted on a circuit board called
(A) Microprocessor
(B) System Board
(C) Daughter Board
(D) Mother Board
Answer: (D)

27. Computer Virus is a
(A) Hardware
(B) Bacteria
(C) Software
(D) None of these
Answer: (C)

28. Which one of the following is correct?
(A) (17)10 = (17)16
(B) (17)10 = (17)8
(C) (17)10 = (10111)2
(D) (17)10 = (10001)2
Answer: (D)

29. The file extension of MS-Word document in Office 2007 is _______.
(A) .pdf
(B) .doc
(C) .docx
(D) .txt
Answer: (C)

30. _______ is a protocol used by e-mail clients to download e-mails to your computer.
Answer: (D)
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