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2012 December UGC NET Paper-3, Page-2

11. E-Journal articles can be identified with the help of
(A) Digital Journal Identifier
(B) Journal Source Identifier
(C) Journal Article Identifier
(D) Digital Object Identifier
Answer: (D)

12. Z39.50 is a standard for
(A) Communication formats
(B) Search and Retrieval services
(C) Cataloguing Web Resources
(D) Library Management Services
Answer: (B)

13. In context to modulation, PCM stands for
(A) Pulse Code Modulation
(B) Phase Control Modulation
(C) Popular Code Modulation
(D) Penultimate Code Modulation
Answer: (A)

14. ISO 9000 standard denotes the
(A) Consistence confirmance of a product or service to a given set of standard or expectations
(B) Total customer satisfaction
(C) Representation of stakeholders issues.
(D) Detailed list of measuring techniques
Answer: (A)

15. The stages in the product life cycle curve are
(A) Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline
(B) Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Profit
(C) Growth, Maturity, Profit, Decline
(D) Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Saturation
Answer: (A)

16. The physical and chemical treatment of materials to retard their further deterioration refers to
(A) Conservation
(B) Rescuing
(C) Prevention
(D) Restoration
Answer: (A)

17. Read the following example and indicate the name of the indexing system used:
‘Remuneration of teachers in French universities.’
The index headings are set as the following two lines:
* Universities * Teachers * Remuneration
* France * Teachers * Remuneration
(A) Chain procedure
Answer: (C)

18. Research in automatic classification for information retrieval of term or cluster of terms is called
(A) Evaluation theory
(B) Theory of clumps
(C) Time binding theory
(D) Dynamic theory
Answer: (B)

19. As specified by AACR-II (R), the source of information for machine readable data file is
(A) Internal user label
(B) Title page
(C) Colophone
(D) Title frame
Answer: (A)

20. NICRYS is information system for
(A) Machine tools
(B) Food science
(C) Crystallography
(D) Drugs
Answer: (C)
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