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2012 June UGC NET Paper-3, Page-2

11. The information network that connects Universities and Colleges in United Kingdom :
Answer: (A)

12. Internet filtering is
(A) A form of censorship
(B) Acceptable user policy
(C) Access to inappropriate material
(D) Blocking internet facility
Answer: (A)

13. Which one of the following is a Bulletin Board Service on Internet?
(A) Picaso
(B) Google talk
(C) Blog
(D) Oovoo
Answer: (C)

14. Virus is a software which can
(A) Manipulate data
(B) Replicate itself
(C) Damage computer
(D) All the above
Answer: (D)

15. Which one of the following protocol is used in file transfer over internet?
Answer: (A)

16. Scaler chain shows
(A) Authority structure
(B) Scale of performance of staff
(C) Chain for locating racks
(D) A link in the chain
Answer: (A)

17. Blair and Maron evaluation study on retrieval effectiveness of full text search is called
(A) SMART Retrieval Experiment
(B) MEDLARS evaluation study
(C) STAIRS project
(D) Cranefield – II Project
Answer: (C)

18. In cataloguing, the square brackets [ ] are used
(A) To enclose information taken from outside
(B) To enclose the details of printed / manufacturer
(C) To enclose series statements
(D) To enclose statement of accompanying material
Answer: (A)

19. Which Section of AACR – II (R) deals with serial publications?
(A) Part – A, Section – 3
(B) Part – B, Section – 3
(C) Part – A, Section – 12
(D) Part – B, Section – 12
Answer: (C)

20. When two or more basic subjects having same relational approach form a specific subject, the relation is termed as
(A) Speciater relation
(B) Co-ordinate relation
(C) Phase relation
(D) Hierarchical relation
Answer: (C)
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