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2012 June UGC NET Paper-3, Page-3

21. The concept of ‘Stopword’ list is relevant in the context of
(A) Uniform Indexing
(B) Citation Indexing
(C) Chain Indexing
(D) Keyword Indexing
Answer: (D)

22. A version of KWIC augmented with author/name is called
Answer: (A)

23. ‘Segmentation’ is associated with
(A) Reference Service
(B) Market Survey Report
(C) Digest Service
(D) Indexing Service
Answer: (B)

24. State of the art report generally highlights
(A) General Aspects
(B) Technical Aspects
(C) Administrative Aspects
(D) All of the above
Answer: (B)

25. Who propounded “Minimum, Middling and Maximum Theories” of reference service?
(A) C.M. Winchell
(B) James I. Wyer
(C) Samuel Rothstein
(D) D.W. Lewis
Answer: (C)

26. Even though ‘Xerography’ is a photocopying method, but it is called
(A) Diazographic
(B) Thermographic
(C) Electrofax
(D) Electrostatic
Answer: (D)

27. ‘CODEN’ is connected with
(A) Books
(B) Serials
(C) Reports
(D) Gray Literature
Answer: (B)

28. Roget’s International Thesaurus is a
(A) Classified List of Words
(B) Book of Synonyms
(C) List of Standard Terms
(D) List of Scientific Terms
Answer: (A)

29. Information about scale and projection can be found in
(A) Encyclopaedias
(B) Hand books of Manuals
(C) Geographical sources
(D) Directories
Answer: (C)

30. Who of the following is not the author of any reference book?
(A) C.M. Winchell
(B) William A Katz
(C) Louis Shores
(D) Maurice B. Line
Answer: (D)
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