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2013 June UGC NET Paper-3, Page-2

11. What is the process of transferring software programme from secondary storage media to the hard disc called?
(A) Download
(B) Upload
(C) Installation
(D) Storage
Answer: (C)

12. Name a technique used for searching stored data in a database
(A) Boolean operator
(B) Inverting file
(C) Indexing
(D) Binary
Answer: (D)

13. Information about Government of India’s stand on ‘FDI’ can be found in
(A) Gazetteer of India
(B) Britanniea Book of the Year
(C) Statesman’s Yearbook
(D) Asian Recorder
Answer: (D)

14. “Anomalous State of Knowledge (ASK) Model”, one of the user centered model’s of information retrieval was proposed by
(A) P. Ingwersen
(B) T. Saracevic
(C) J.N. Belkin
(D) D. Ellis
Answer: (C)

15. The ‘Cranefield Test’, associated with evaluation of information retrieval system was carried under the direction of
(A) C.W. Cleverdon
(B) G. Salton
(C) D.C. Blair & M.E. Maron
(D) E. Voorhees
Answer: (A)

16. LAMP stands for
(A) Library Archives Management Programme
(B) Laser Analysis and Multimedia Performance
(C) Linux Apache. MySQL Perl
(D) Library Automation Management protocol
Answer: (C)

17. “Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education” is prepared by
Answer: (D)

18. Name the storage medium (compatible with speed of CPU) for storing instructions or data temporarily during processing
(C) Cache
Answer: (C)

19. “Scitation” is the online host service of
(A) American Institute of Physics
(B) University of Maryland
(C) Society for Industrial Research
(D) Oxford University
Answer: (A)

20. The process of surrogating, repackaging and compaction of the primary literature that results in creation of secondary journals, is
(A) Newsletter
(B) Abstracting and Indexing Periodical
(C) House Journals
(D) Electronic Journal
Answer: (B)
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