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2013 June UGC NET Paper-3, Page-3

21. Which of the following is not a language of DBMS?
Answer: (Wrong Question)

22. How do we render the name ‘Bernardo Augustine De Voto’?
(A) Voto, Bernardo, Augustine De
(B) De Voto, Augustine, Bernardo
(C) Bernardo Augustine, De Voto
(D) De Voto, Bernardo Augustine
Answer: (D)

23. Which reference tool defines Reference service as “….that phase of work which is directly concerned with assistance to readers in securing information and in using the resources of the library in study and research”?
(A) Encyclopedia of Librarianship
(B) Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science
(C) ALA Glossary of Library Terms
(D) ALA World Encyclopedia of Library & Information Services
Answer: (C)

24. Indian National Advisory Board for Libraries was setup in 1966 by
(A) Association of Indian Universities
(B) Ministry of Education
(C) Planning Commission
(D) University Grants Commission
Answer: (B)

25. The process of establishing headings and providing ‘Cross references’ is called
(A) Access points
(B) Headings
(C) Authority control
(D) Bibliographic Records
Answer: (C)

26. Which set of rules is applicable for exchange of files over Internet?
Answer: (B)

27. The first printed works are called
(A) Impensis
(B) Incunabula
(C) Impression
(D) Imprimatur
Answer: (B)

28. Which Law of Library Science, restated with emphasis on information as a dynamic, continuum and never ending phenomenon?
(A) Fifth Law
(B) Fourth Law
(C) Third Law
(D) Second Law
Answer: (A)

29. Andrew Carnegie donated two million pounds for development of
(A) Library Collection
(B) Library Building
(C) Library Furniture
(D) Library Staff
Answer: (B)

30. Whose model of communication of knowledge suggests that communication as an open system may be regarded as subjective, selective, variable and yet unpredictable?
(A) G. Gerbner
(B) Juger Hebermans
(C) E Shanon & Weaver
(D) M. Foucault
Answer: (A)
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