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2013 September UGC NET Paper-3, Page-2

11. What does encrypting a file mean?
(A) Set the read only property
(B) Hiding the file
(C) Set a password
(D) Scrambling the contents
Answer: (D)

12. Which of the following identifies user by a login permission to a licensed site.
(A) Authorization
(B) Authentication
(C) Digital signature
(D) All of the above
Answer: (B)

13. Papyras was used as a writing material by
(A) Summarians
(B) Italians
(C) Egyptians
(D) Assyrians
Answer: (C)

14. The intrinsic value of information lies in its
(A) Procurement
(B) Processing and Storage
(C) Communication and Retrieval
(D) Usage
Answer: (D)

15. Identification of an e-article and paying for full-text is known as
(A) Pay-per-view
(B) Consortium
(C) Campus license
(D) E-subscription
Answer: (A)

16. Which of the following web resource for LIS has been compiled by academic librarians of universities of California?
(A) Infomine
(B) Internet Public Library
(C) Internet Library for Librarians
(D) Current Informed Librarian
Answer: (A)

17. Who said, “Public Library is the responsibility of Local and National Authorities. It must be supported by specific legislation and financed by National and Local Govnerments”?
(A) S.R. Ranganathan
(B) Gopala Rao Ekbote
(C) Sinha Committee
(D) UNESCO Manifesto
Answer: (D)

18. The formula K(S) + ΔI = K(S + ΔS) for summation of information is propounded by
(A) Claude Shannon
(B) George Gerbner
(C) Charles Osgood
(D) Mandy Brooks
Answer: (D)

19. ‘Library Technology Project (LTP) Reports’ are published by ________.
Answer: (B)

20. Which Education Commission observed “Nothing can be more damaging to a growing department than to neglect its library or give it a low priority”?
(A) Kothari Education Commission
(B) Radhakrishnan Education Commission
(C) Calcutta University Commission
(D) Mudaliar Commission on Secondary Education
Answer: (A)
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