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2013 September UGC NET Paper-3, Page-3

21. International Advisory Committee on Documentation, Libraries and Archives (UNESCO) was established in
(A) 1966
(B) 1967
(C) 1968
(D) 1969
Answer: (B)

22. Which law of Library Science states that information is basic input to human growth and development?
(A) Fourth Law
(B) Third Law
(C) Second Law
(D) Fifth Law
Answer: (B)

23. “Pro Quest” is ________.
(A) Traditional Commercial Publisher
(B) Scholarly Society Publisher
(C) Electronic Aggregator
(D) Publisher of Higher Learning Institutions
Answer: (C)

24. Which of the following is/are part(s) of classified catalogue?
(A) An author-title file
(B) Subject file arranged by library classification
(C) An alphabetical index to the subject file
(D) All of the above
Answer: (D)

25. The main components of an RFID system include
(A) Handheld Reader, RFID label printer, server and External book return
(B) RFID tags, readers or sensors, Antenna and server
(C) RFID label printer, sensors, antenna and server
(D) RFID tags, server, external book return, sensors
Answer: (B)

26. Which of the following is not the component of a search engine?
(A) Spider
(B) Index
(C) Search of retrieval mechanism
(D) Natural language technique
Answer: (D)

27. ‘Communities’ is a component of following digital library software
(B) D space
(C) Fedora
(D) i-core
Answer: (B)

28. Which one of the following is not an operation involved in quality circles?
(A) Problem identification
(B) Problem selection
(C) Solution recommendation
(D) Problem shifting
Answer: (D)

29. In a database table, the category of information is called _______.
(A) Tuple
(B) Field
(C) Record
(D) All the above
Answer: (B)

30. The web address that acts as permanent identifier is ______.
Answer: (C)
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