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2014 June UGC NET Paper-1, Page-3

21. Identify the source of irrigation that has recorded the maximum incidence of negative growth in terms of Net irrigated area during the years given in the table.
(A) Government Canals
(B) Private Canals
(C) Tube Wells and other wells
(D) Other sources
Answer: (A)

22. In which of the following years, share of the tube wells and other wells in the total net irrigated area was the highest?
(A) 1998-99
(B) 2000-01
(C) 2002-03
(D) 2004-05
Answer: (C)

23. The acronym FTP stands for
(A) File Transfer Protocol
(B) Fast Transfer Protocol
(C) File Tracking Protocol
(D) File Transfer Procedure
Answer: (A)

24. Which one of the following is not a/an image/graphic file format?
Answer: (D)

25. The first Web Browser is
(A) Internet Explorer
(B) Netscape
(C) World Wide Web
(D) Firefox
Answer: (C)

26. When a computer is booting, BIOS is loaded to the memory by
Answer: (B)

27. Which one of the following is not the same as the other three?
(A) MAC address
(B) Hardware address
(C) Physical address
(D) IP address
Answer: (D)

28. Identify the IP address from the following
(A) 300 .215.317.3
(B) 302.215@417.5
(D) 202-50-20-148
Answer: (C)

29. The population of India is about 1.2 billion. Take the average consumption of energy per person per year in India as 30 Mega Joules. If this consumption is met by carbon based fuels and the rate of carbon emissions per kilojoule is l5 x I06 kgs, the total carbon emissions per year from India will be
(A) 54 million metric tons
(B) 540 million metric tons
(C) 5400 million metric tons
(D) 2400 million metric tons
Answer: (Wrong Question)

30. Which of the following cities has been worst affected by urban smog in recent times?
(A) Paris
(B) London
(C) Los Angeles
(D) Beijing
Answer: (D)
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