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2014 June UGC NET Paper-3, Page-2

11. Joseph W Lippincott Award is presented to the librarians for
(A) Promoting love for books and reading.
(B) Advanced study in the field of children’s library.
(C) Achievements in classification and cataloguing.
(D) Outstanding participation in professional library associations.
Answer: (D)

12. LIPHIS (Linked Phrase Indexing System) was developed by
(A) T.C. Craven
(B) J. Farradane
(C) J.C.R. Yeats
(D) P. Ekern
Answer: (A)

13. Which of the following gives complete control over the cross references of an index to the Indexer?
(A) See also cross reference
(B) Check also cross reference
(C) See cross reference
(D) Inverted cross reference
Answer: (D)

14. LIS Gateway is maintained by
Answer: (A)

15. A situation where a digital resource is no longer readable is called
(A) Digital Divide
(B) Digital Representation
(C) Digital Rendering
(D) Digital Obsolescence
Answer: (D)

16. What type of bibliography is ‘Indian National Bibliography’?
(A) Enumerative
(B) Analytical
(C) Descriptive
(D) Textual
Answer: (A)

17. EUAL stands for
(A) E-monitoring library for Academics
(B) End User Logistics Association
(C) Electronic Usage of Library Acquisitions
(D) End User License Agreement
Answer: (D)

18. WIPO Academy deals with
(A) Patent Cooperation Treaty
(B) Courses on Intellectual Property
(C) Trademarks Gateway
(D) All of the above
Answer: (B)

19. Public Library Association (PLA) is a division of
Answer: (A)

20. Which of the following are the characteristic features of Post coordinate indexing system?
i. Index terms are pre-determined.
ii. Coordination of terms done by users.
iii. No fixed citation order.
iv. Multiple entries prepared for each document.
(A) i and ii are correct.
(B) ii and iii are correct.
(C) i and iii are correct.
(D) ii and iv are correct.
Answer: (B)
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