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2015 December UGC NET Paper-1, Page-3

21. Every type of communication is affected by its:
(A) Reception
(B) Transmission
(C) Non-regulation
(D) Context
Answer: (D)

22. Attitudes, actions and appearances in the context of classroom communication are considered as:
(A) Verbal
(B) Non-verbal
(C) Impersonal
(D) Irrational
Answer: (B)

23. Most often, the teacher - student communication is:
(A) Spurious
(B) Critical
(C) Utilitarian
(D) Confrontational
Answer: (C)

24. In a classroom, a communicator’s trust level is determined by:
(A) The use of hyperbole
(B) The change of voice level
(C) The use of abstract concepts
(D) Eye contact
Answer: (D)

25. The next term in the series
2, 5, 10, 17, 26, 37, ? is:
(A) 50
(B) 57
(C) 62
(D) 72
Answer: (A)

26. A group of 210 students appeared in some test. The mean of 1/3rd of students is found to be 60. The mean of the remaining students is found to be 78. The mean of the whole group will be:
(A) 80
(B) 76
(C) 74
(D) 72
Answer: (D)

27. Anil after travelling 6 km towards East from his house realized that he has travelled in a wrong direction, lie turned and travelled 12 km towards West, turned right and travelled 8 km to reach his office. The straight distance of the office from his house is:
(A) 20 km
(B) 14 km
(C) 12 km
(D) 10 km
Answer: (D)

28. The next term in the series:
B2E, D5H, F12K, H27N, ? is:
(A) J561
(B) 162Q
(C) Q62J
(D) J58Q
Answer: (D)

29. A party was held in which a grandmother, father, mother, four sons, their wives and one son and two daughters to each of the sons were present. The number of females present in the party is:
(A) 12
(B) 14
(C) 18
(D) 24
Answer: (B)

30. P and Q are brothers. R and S are sisters. The son of P is brother of S. Q is related to R as:
(A) Son
(B) Brother
(C) Uncle
(D) Father
Answer: (C)
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