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2015 June UGC NET Paper-3, Page-2

11. The ‘Other Title Information’ in statement of Responsibility Area in AACRII is preceded by a:
(A) Semicolon
(B) Hyphen
(C) Dash
(D) Colon
Answer: (D)

12. The term ‘Partial Comprehension’ in the Theory of Classification is known as:
(A) Denudation
(B) Fission
(C) Lamination
(D) Agglomeration kind –I
Answer: (D)

13. According to AACR-2 the source from which the title proper is taken is known as:
(A) Chief Source of Information
(B) Preferred Source of Information
(C) Prescribed Source of Information
(D) Referred Source of Information
Answer: (A)

14. SYNTOL stands for:
(A) Syntactic Term On Line
(B) Syntagmatic Term On Line
(C) Syntagmatic Organisation Language
(D) Syntactic Organising Language
Answer: (C)

15. Herzberg’s ‘two factor theory’ deals with:
(A) Self recruitment
(B) Leadership
(C) Decision making
(D) Motivation
Answer: (D)

16. In ‘Open System Interconnect (OSI) Model’ the layer between ‘Network’ and ‘Physical’ is:
(A) Data link
(B) Transport
(C) Application
(D)  Presentation
Answer: (A)

17. The term indicating a distinct intellectual or artistic creation is:
(A) Item
(B) Title
(C) Expression
(D) Work
Answer: (D)

18. In a questionnaire, an item that directs participants to different follow-up questions depending on their response is called:
(A) Contingency question
(B) Response set
(C) Secondary question
(D) Filter question
Answer: (A)

19. Lok Sabha Secretariate Library Service is called as:
(A) Lok Sabha Library
(B) Legislators Library Services
(D) M.P. Library Services
Answer: (C)

20. The term literary warrant was introduced by:
(A) W.B. Sayers
(B) S.R. Ranganathan
(C) Melvil Dewey
(D) E.W. Hulmes
Answer: (D)
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