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2016 December UGC NET Paper-1, Page-1

The UGC NET Examination Question Paper-1 of 2016 December, Test Booklet Code X along with answer keys are given below. The answer keys are as per the answer keys released by UGC. The Paper-I of UGC NET Examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is of General nature i.e. Compulsory for all subjects. The Subject Code in the UGC NET for this paper is: 00. The UGC NET is presently known as CBSE NET though it is not the proper naming for the examination and rather should be known as UGC NET. The solved paper for other Sets i.e. W, Y and Z are not given as the questions are same with that of series X, only they are placed in different order in the question paper.

1. When verbal and non-verbal messages are contradictory, it is said that most people believe in
(1) Indeterminate messages
(2) Verbal messages
(3) Non-verbal messages
(4) Aggressive messages
Answer: (3)

2. The typical feature of an information-rich classroom lecture is in the nature of being
(1) Sedentary
(2) Staggered
(3) Factual
(4) Sectoral
Answer: (3)

3. Expressive communication is driven by
(1) Passive aggression
(2) Encoder's personality characteristics
(3) External clues
(4) Encoder-decoder contract
Answer: (2)

4. Positive classroom communication leads to
(1) Coercion
(3) Confrontation
(2) Submission
(4) Persuasion
Answer: (4)

5. Classroom communication is the basis of
(1) Social identity
(2) External inanities
(3) Biased passivity
(4) Group aggression
Answer: (1)

6. Effective communication pre-supposes
(1) Non-alignment
(2) Domination
(3) Passivity
(4) Understanding
Answer: (4)

7. The next term in the following series YEB, WFD, UHG, SKI, ? will be
(1) TLO
(2) QOL
(3) QLO
(4) GQP
Answer: (2)

8. If A is coded as C, M as I, N as P, S as 0, I as A, P as N, E as M, 0 as E and C as S, then the code of COMPANIES will be
Answer: (4)

9. Among the following, identify the continuous type of data:
(1) Number of languages a person speaks
(2) Number of children in a household
(3) Population of cities
(4) Weight of students in a class
Answer: (4)

10. Ali buys a glass, a pencil box and a cup and pays Rs. 21 to the shopkeeper. Rakesh buys a cup, two pencil boxes and a glass and pays Rs. 28 to the shopkeeper. Preeti buys two glasses, a cup and two pencil boxes and pays Rs. 35 to the shopkeeper. The cost of 10 cups will be
(1) Rs.40
(2) Rs.60
(3) Rs.80
(4) Rs.70
Answer: (4)
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