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UGC NET 2005 June, Paper-2, Page-2

11. An indispensable function of Thesaurus is :
(A) Knowledge representation
(B) Problem Solving
(C) Representation of relationship between concepts
(D) Knowledge Engineering
Answer: (C)

12. “Book Number” helps in :
(A) Individualising the book within the same class number
(B) Individualising the book among the books with same authors
(C) Individualising among the books with same year of publication
(D) Knowing the subject of the book
Answer: (A)

13. The library budget prepared without considering the previous years budget is:
(A) Zerobased Budget
(B) Performance Budget
(C) Line item Budget
(D) Lumpsum Budget
Answer: (A)

14. The abbreviation MB to state the storage capacity refers to :
(A) Mega bytes
(B) Million bits
(C) Million bytes
(D) Mega bits
Answer: (A)

15. Data about data is known as :
(A) Micro Data
(B) Database
(C) Metadata
(D) Databank
Answer: (C)

16. The concept of Micro photography was developed by:
(A) Johan Gutenberg
(B) Chester Cardson
(C) John Benjimen Dancer
(D) Ohi Battle
Answer: (C)

17. Which among the following is a digital library software used in the creation of an in-house digital library:
(B) Greenstone
(C) Alice for Windows
(D) Micro CDS / ISIS
Answer: (B)

18. SSDC referred to the National Documentation Centre now known as :
Answer: (D)

19. Annual Convention of INFLIBNET organised to discuss the progress of the library
automation and library services is known as:
Answer: (C)

20. Formulation of Research Hypothesis implies:
(A) Creating a legal basis for research
(B) Enunciation of Postulates
(C) Enumeration of Canons
(D) Formation of tentative generalization
Answer: (D)
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