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UGC NET 2007 December, Paper-2, Page-1

The UGC NET examination solved question paper-II of 2007 December in Library and Information Science (LIS) is given below. Presently, on behalf of UGC, NET Exam in Library and Information Science is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

1. These documents are not primary sources:
(A) Thesis
(B) Patents
(C) Conference Papers
(D) Reference Books
Answer: (D)

2. World of Learning is:
(A) A Bibliography
(B) An Abstract
(C) An Encyclopaedia
(D) A Directory
Answer: (D)

3. Headquarters of IFLA is located in:
(A) Paris
(B) Washington
(C) London
(D) The Hague
Answer: (D)

4. National Library for Visual handicapped is situated in:
(A) Mumbai
(B) Mysore
(C) New Delhi
(D) Dehradun
Answer: (D)

5. The first page of Website is known as:
(A) Cover Page
(B) Home Page
(C) Title Page
(D) Half Title Page
Answer: (B)

6. Blog is a:
(A) Off-line Journal
(B) Internet Journal
(C) Web Directory
(D) Search Engine
Answer: (B)

7. This literature is not published and not available through normal book selling channels.
(A) Grey Literature
(B) Text Books
(C) Journals
(D) None of the above
Answer: (A)

8. The owner of Internet is:
(A) American Mathematical Society
(B) Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
(C) British Standard Institute
(D) None of the above
Answer: (D)

9. Library as a living system “takes a new matter, casts off old matter, changes in size and takes new shapes and term”. Whose quotation is this?
(A) B.S. Kesavan
(B) Melvil Dewey
(C) S.R. Ranganathan
(D) W.C.B. Sayers
Answer: (C)

10. Handling of Information in the sense of production is called:
(A) Information Marketing
(B) Information Industry
(C) Information Production
(D) Information Revolution
Answer: (B)
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