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UGC NET 2007 December, Paper-2, Page-2

11. SCOPUS is a:
(A) Full Text Database
(B) Abstracts and Citation Database
(C) Numerical Database
(D) None of the above
Answer: (B)

12. “Choice of books is an unending work” whose quotation is this?
(A) Melvil Dewey
(B) W.C.B. Sayers
(C) C.A. Cutter
(D) H.E. Bliss
Answer: (C)

13. Which of the following is not an Open Source Software?
(A) Green Stone
(B) D-Space
(C) Plone
(D) Delmark
Answer: (D)

14. NACLIN is sponsored by:
Answer: (B)

15. The latest State, which enacted Public Libraries Act is:
(A) Bihar
(B) Uttaranchal
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Orissa
Answer: (A)

16. UNISIST, a project of UNESCO was launched in this year:
(A) 1994
(B) 1972
(C) 1958
(D) 2001
Answer: (B)

17. The term “Information Science” came into existence in this year:
(A) 1988
(B) 1959
(C) 1961
(D) 1975
Answer: (B)

18. “Dublin Core Metadata” consists of:
(A) 11 elements
(B) 13 elements
(C) 10 elements
(D) 15 elements
Answer: (D)

19. System school of Management is based on the contribution of:
(A) Taylor
(B) Gilberts
(C) Fayol
(D) Urwick
Answer: (D)

20. “The high purpose of Book Selection is to provide the right book to the right reader at
the right time”. Whose quotation is this?
(A) Francis Drury
(B) H.E. Bliss
(C) Melvil Dewey
(D) C.A. Cutter
Answer: (A)
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