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UGC NET 2009 June, Paper-2, Page-2

11. ZBB was developed by:
(A) R. D. Stuart
(B) S. R. Ranganathan
(C) Peter A Pyhrr
(D) C. V. Good
Answer: (C)

12. PERT was developed by:
(A) The Navy special project office
(B) Booz Allen Hamelton
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above
Answer: (A)

13. The term hyper text was coined by:
(A) Ted Nelson
(B) Charles Babbage
(C) Tim Berner Lee
(D) Tay Vaughan
Answer: (A)

14. The 12 rules for relational database were given by:
(A) Larvy Page
(B) Linus Tolward
(C) J. Bill Gates
(D) Edgar. F. Codd
Answer: (D)

15. The complete bibliographic details in MARC are available in:
(A) Leader
(B) Control fields
(C) Variable fields
(D) Record directing
Answer: (C)

16. Conversion of barcode into electrical signals id done by:
(A) Scanners
(C) Photo sensor
Answer: (A)

17. Bibliographic coupling was first advocated by:
(A) B. K. Sen
(B) M. M. Kessler
(C) S. C. Bradford
(D) S. R. Ranganathan
Answer: (B)

18. External and Internal Criticism implies in:
(A) Historical Research
(B) Survey Research
(C) Experimental Research
(D) Applied Research
Answer: (A)

19. Granthana is an official publication of:
Answer: (C)

20. Million Book Project was initiated by:
(A) Pittsburg University
(B) Carnegie Mellon University
(D) Michigan University
Answer: (B)
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