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UGC NET 2011 June, Paper-2, Page-2

11. The term ‘bibliometrics’ was first used by
(A) S. R. Ranganathan
(B) Alan Pritchard
(C) Allen Kent
(D) A. C. Foskett
Answer: (B)

12. Auto abstracting involves use of computers to
(A) Structure the content of an abstract
(B) Prepare indicative abstract
(C) Pickup significant words
(D) Arrange words in order
Answer: (A)

13. ‘Half-life’ in Information Science relates to
(A) Rate of obsolescence
(B) Rate of growth
(C) Degree of scatter
(D) Information explosion
Answer: (A)

14. In “Spiral of Scientific Method”, Zenith marks
(A) Facts
(B) Empirical laws
(C) Fundamental laws
(D) Deduced laws
Answer: (C)

15. Which library is authorized to receive books under ‘Delivery of Books Act’?
(A) National Science Library, Delhi
(B) Central Library, Delhi
(C) State Central Library, Mumbai
(D) Parliament Library, Delhi
Answer: (B)

16. An increase in the level of ‘specificity’ of indexing languages results in increase in
(A) Recall
(B) Precision
(C) Noise
(D) Both recall and precision
Answer: (B)

17. The term ‘Exponential growth’ refers to
(A) Linear growth
(B) Normal mode of distribution
(C) Geometric Progression
(D) Arithmetic Progression
Answer: (C)

18. “Publishers’ Weekly” is published by
(A) H. W. Wilson, New York
(B) R. R. Bowker, London
(C) American Library Association, Chicago
(D) Aslib, London
Answer: (B)

19. All Union Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI) was established in
(A) 1952
(B) 1953
(C) 1954
(D) 1956
Answer: (A)

20. Who is the author of “Subject Catalogue”?
(A) E. J. Coates
(B) J. Kaiser
(C) C. A. Cutter
(D) J. W. Metcalfe
Answer: (A)
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