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UGC NET 2012 June, Paper-2, Page-1

The UGC NET examination solved question paper-II of 2012 June in Library and Information Science (LIS) is given below. Presently, on behalf of UGC, NET Exam in Library and Information Science is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The answer keys of the paper-2 of UGC NET Exam in LIS provided below are as per the revised answer keys released by UGC after grievances.

1. Who was the Chairman of ‘National Policy on Library & Information Systems’ (1986)?
(A) D. N. Banerjee
(B) D. P. Chattopadhyay
(C) Sam Pitroda
(D) Kalpana Dasgupta
Answer: (B)

2. The significance of the year 2011 for LIS education in India is
(A) Golden Jubilee year
(B) Platinum Jubilee year
(C) Diamond Jubilee year
(D) Centenary year
Answer: (D)

3. Digital Reference Service can be offered through
(C) Ask your librarian
(D) Consortia
Answer: (C)

4. “Biotechnology” is formed as a result of
(A) Fusion
(B) Lamination
(C) Fission
(D) Agglomeration
Answer: (A)

5. The order of significance of “Thing, Material and Action” among various components of a compound subject was expanded by
(A) J. Kaiser
(B) E. J. Coates
(C) J. R. Sharp
(D) J. E. L. Farradane
Answer: (B)

6. Relational Database is
(A) A work which has some relationship to another work
(B) A symbol representing relationship between two concepts
(C) Manipulation commands which relate records in different fields
(D) All of the above
Answer: (C)

7. “Shodhganga” is a repository of
(A) E – Resources
(B) E – Thesis
(C) E – Journals
(D) E – Books
Answer: (B)

8. Which of the following tests can be employed for hypothesis testing?
(A) F – test
(B) Chi – square test
(C) t – test
(D) All of the above
Answer: (D)

9. ‘RRRLF’ falls under the:
(A) Ministry of Human Resource Development
(B) Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
(C) Ministry of Culture
(D) Ministry of Science & Technology
Answer: (C)

10. “Internet Public Library” is being maintained by
(A) MIT, Massachusettes
(B) University of Michigan
(C) University of Arizona
(D) Drexal University
Answer: (D)
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