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UGC NET 2016 June, Paper-2, Page-2

11. 'Transactional Model of Communication' was suggested by
(A) Peter Drucker
(B) George Zipf
(C) Dean Barnlund
(D) A.C. Kessler
Answer: (C)

12. Research Methodology involving the construction of theory through analysis of data is known as
(A) Sampling Theory
(B) Grounded Theory
(C) Ideal Theory
(D) Basic Theory
 Answer: (B)

13. Chapter 12 of AACR-2 has changed its name in AACR-2R, 2002. Identify the changed name.
(A) Integrated Resources
(B) Continuing Resources
(C) Periodical Resources
(D) Online Resources
Answer: (B)

14. Identify the persons who contributed to the development of TQM.
a. Philip B. Crosby
b. Kaoru Ishikawa
c. Joseph Juran
d. Michael Gorman
(A) a, b, c are correct.
(B) b, c, d are correct.
(C) a, c, d are correct
(D) a, b, d are correct
Answer: (A)

15. Identify the correct statements associated with Universal Decimal Classification Scheme
a. It is faceted classification scheme.
b. Paul Otlet and Henry La Fontaine are associated with it.
c. It has relative index.
d. It uses pure notation.
(A) a, b are correct.
(B) b, c are correct.
(C) c, d are correct.
(D) a, d are correct.
 Answer: (A)

16. In which of the following studies, a researcher is required to examine some specific subpopulation, as they change time?
(A) Trend Study
(B) Cohort Study
(C) Cross Sectional Study
(D) Panel Studies
Answer: (B)

17. Which of the following are associated with UNESCO Programme?
a. General Information Programme (PGI)
b. World Scientific Information System (UNISIST)
c. Universal Availability of Publications (UAP)
d. International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD)
(A) a, b are correct.
(B) a, c are correct.
(C) a, d are correct.
(D) b, c are correct.
Answer: (A)

18. Collection development principles are given by:
a. C.A. Cutter
b. Melvil Dewey
c. S.R. Ranganathan
d. B.S. Kesvan
(A) a, b are correct.
(B) b, c are correct.
(C) c, d are correct.
(D) b, d are correct.
Answer: (B)

19. 'Product lifecycle' is helpful in:
a. deciding marketing strategies best fitted to particular stages in the development of service activities.
b. maintaining that all products or services follow distinctive pattern overtime.
c. dealing with the historical aspect of the product.
d. dealing with the stages of product life-cycle.
(A) a, b, d are correct.
(B) a, b, c are correct.
(C) b, c, d are correct.
(D) a, c, d are correct.
Answer: (A)

20. PMEST in colon classification of S.R. Ranganathan is
a. Decreasing order of concreteness
b. Decreasing order of association
c. Decreasing order of classification
d. Decreasing order of fundamental categories
(A) a, b are correct
(B) a, d are correct
(C) a, c are correct
(D) b, d are correct
Answer: (B)
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