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Checkbox Type Questions

Checkbox questions of UGC NET Examination are a variation of multiple choice question in which the student is allowed to choose more than one choice or answer from a given choices. Checkbox questions are also known as multiple true / false questions (MTFQ) or multiple selection questions or multiple response questions (MRQ) or multiple choice-multiple answer questions.

The checkbox questions of CBSE NET Examination test factual recall rather than application of knowledge. However, checkbox questions can be designed to test higher levels of understanding and application of knowledge. This type of question has the advantage over MCQ in that the student must evaluate each possible answer, rather than selecting one correct answer. Unlike MCQs, there is little cuing of the student in checkbox questions, since all possible answers must be evaluated. Multiple response questions are normally more difficult to answer compared to multiple choice questions because the participant needs to simultaneously consider more information.

Now that you know about checkbox questions, try the following mock test. These questions are similar to the ones that were on the UGC NET Examination test.

Checkbox Questions: Series 1
Checkbox Questions: Series 20
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