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About Us: All the UGC NET questions papers are solved and posted categorically in the form of Solved Papers, Interactive Quiz and Mock Test in Library and Information Science (LIS) in this Blog. It will be a useful resource for any person preparing for any competitive examination in Library and Information Science especially for the UGC / CBSE NET/JRF Preparation and also for the KVS and NVS examination.

How to Attempt the Questions: Firstly, select the type of question you are interested in from Ascending-Descending Questions, Assertion-Reason Questions, Checkbox Questions, Matching Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Paragraph Question. Secondly, it is always good to start from the series no. 1 for each category of questions. Thirdly, attempt all the questions that are given in the Google Form and then Submit. Fourthly, after submission of the answer, in the new window kindly click on the View your score. Fifthly, after clicking on View your score a new window will be opened. In the new window, kindly tally your answer with our own supplied answers.

Free Online UGC NET Coaching Centres: The LIS Quiz and Mock Test in Library and Information Science (LIS) Blog can be used as materials for Free Online UGC NET Coaching Centres / Institute. By attending the questions mentioned in the Blog, you need not to attend the Classroom Coaching for UGC NET Examination in the field of Library and Information Science.

If you are interested in the coaching classes or correspondence coaching classes for CBSE NET examination, you just need to divide the questions series according to your need. It will server all your coaching need.

All the UGC NET / CBSE NET question papers are solved and the solved questions are categorically arranged and made available in the form of quiz and mock test to serve your need. So, when you attempt the LIS Quiz and Mock test, you are automatically consulting the previous years solved questions papers of UGC NET examination.

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Feedback: If you have any feedback regarding any of the questions or any of our content then feel free and friendly to drop it as a comment under any post.
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